Martin and Samantha

Martin and Samantha met with NTM Financial Services Ltd just after they were married. They had a modest income and no savings but wanted help to make the right decisions to build a better life. Martin was a civil servant and Sam a nursery assistant. They had a dream of owning their own home and came to us for advice on saving a deposit and arranging a mortgage. After 3 years Martin’s hard work had paid off, he received a promotion and significant pay rise. Sam had also had an increased salary. With help from their parents they had enough money for a deposit to buy a house.

Martin and Sam again met with NTM who were able to explain how a mortgage worked. After obtaining all the facts and confirming their priorities our adviser was able to discuss all the options, help complete the paperwork to arrange the mortgage and administer the application. We also talked about mortgage protection to stop Martin and Sam losing the property if either suffered a premature medical condition or death. This gave Martin and Sam time to plan their move and shop for furniture.

Within 12 months Sam told Martin the happy news that she was expecting their first baby. After the birth of Emma we were asked to provide advice to protect the family against an uncertain life. Martin and Sam have also decided to devote part of their incomes to a small savings plan to help Emma buy her first house. They wanted to help, like their parents were able to help them.
Martin and Sam are now adopting our Advice Service to give them and Emma greater financial control and security for the future.