Financial Planning

Our Financial Planning service is designed to help you live in comfort and be in control of your money. We can map out your current financial position and show you how our advice will improved your lifestyle.

Using our financial advice skills with the latest cash flow technology we can put you control.

We use a 6 step planning process:

1. Establish your goals in life — short, medium and long term
2. Work out what assets and liabilities you have and document
3. Evaluate your current financial position and how close you are to achieving your goals
4. Develop your plan and create a 'route map' for achieving them
5. Implement your plan and make changes to focus on your goals
6. Monitor and review your plan at least every year and adjust when needed.

The mapping that we do puts you in control and gives comfort that your goals will be achieved. Just like having a sat nav in your car, you know where you are and how to get where you want to go. You also have the comfort of knowing when you’re likely to arrive.

Our Financial Planning service will give you the freedom to peruse your interests because you have a plan. Life is uncertain and your priorities may change. Our ongoing support will continue to keep you on course and in control.

Client Story

Jason & Paula

Jason is a partner in an accountancy practice. He is married to Paula who is a part time teacher. They have three grown up…

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People often ask us what exactly NTM do for our clients; what is a financial planner and how can you help us? Is financial planning just about investments and pensions? How can it help me to get to where I want to be? Why do I need financial planning? Please watch our video below.